Friday was a fantastic day!

School went by quickly the first two class periods and then we headed down to Fat Cats to go bowling. It was a lot of fun and we only had a problem five minutes before we left... when I got clawed.

But no problems with anyone else.

It was funny and so much fun. I'll be getting those pictures up later....... its too late to care about right now.

After school I had to hurry and go to the bank to get cash, then go over to my mom's friend Norma who does hair.
She's a really nice lady and pretty good with hair.
I got it cut... and its so much shorter than I am used to.
And I did it.. I went back blonde.
I'm not sure that I like it... the length is definitely not something I like yet
But its so much healthier.

I came home when I was done getting my hair done and showered.
I like to come home to use my own shampoo and conditioner. My hair doesn't respond well to random other ones.

So I hurried and got ready...
Then Jessica picked me up.
We went and met Emily at Olive Garden for dinner.
These ladies are amazing and I love them.

During dinner we got to talking and Emily mentioned her boss saying there was a huge sale at Downeast. Naturally we had to go.
We each bought some new stuff and then we headed back to Olive Garden because Emily rode with us to the store.

She hadn't decided if she wanted to come to a movie with us or not and so she was going to meet us there if she wanted to.
Because she had to work the next day she didn't come... (we definitely need to have another movie night.)
We planned to see New In Town... but Jessica looked it up wrong and it wasn't even playing at that theater

Instead we saw Confessions of a Shopaholic.

It was cute and dumb at the exact same time.

Crazy movie.

It was funny to see how every time we laughed at the same spots and totally thought the same thing about everything.
At one point and I said ".. oh my gosh, look at her necklace!" and Jessica didn't even hear me.
Two seconds later "What is up with her necklace?!"

We talked all the way home about random things
And then the night ended.
The End.

I was definitely sad Emily missed out on the movie though....

It was a lot of fun and hope to do it again soon!


Sydney said...

Holy Cow!! I just happened to go into the downeast that's up here and found some CRAZY good sales!! I got a pair of Big Stars for how much?? 12 BUCKS!!!! I was stoked. (still am apparently!)

Angi said...

Hey Bry, I was at the Down East and the Olive Garden in am. fork friday...We coulda met up and said hi!