Taco. Bell. Adventure. - Minus the Taco Bell.

Today Amber and I had a blast!

We decided we weren't going to just sit around all day like we usually do just watching TV.

First we headed to Robert's to look for crafts (the store. not the boyfriend.)
We found a ton of cute ideas.... but nothing we wanted to take on.

But we've decided to open up a bakery/jewelry/jewerly box/something else store.
I forgot what else.
Amber will HAVE to blog eventually and remind me.

Anyways.. then we decided to go to Shopko!
I love that store but never go.

I found some new work out/running shoes.

We then decided we would like to participate in the Walk for Autism.
Thanks to Angi for letting me know about it!

We also made appearances at Albertson's, Animal Ark, Apparel 21, and the Orem Downeast.
Then we headed back to her house.

We sat for a while just talking then went to pick up Tiffani from work.
Taco Bell.
So, technically.... we did have the Taco Bell adventure.

We got some food then and went back to Amber's and watched Grease.
While I ate all but two pieces of a medium pizza.

Jessica still won't believe me it happened.
Rob has his family convinced that I am on a zero calorie diet.

I feel so big now.
That is way too much for a normal person to eat.
At least in one sitting.

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