Valentine's Day!

So I woke up in the afternoon and showered then slowly started getting ready.
In the process my sister brought down a box.
This box.
Rob had flowers delivered!
I thought it was so cute and completely caught me off guard.

He asked me for my address a while ago and said Scott and Emily needed it for something.
I asked why and he said he didn't know, so I just pushed it off like nothing.
Now I know why!

Then waiting for Rob to get ready and such
I get heart attacked!
The Price family is too cute!

They had hearts every where!
Poor things had my dog barking at them the whole time and I didn't even think to go check because no one knocked.

Finally they rang the doorbell and it was SO cute!

Then Robert and I went out.
He wanted to go to The Chef's Table, but didn't think I would eat anything there and he didn't wanna get dressed up for that.

So we went to the most romantic movie ever.
Friday the 13th.
P.S. Terrible movie.
It was really jumpy.. at least for me and Rob made fun of me for it every time I jumped.
Once the scary music started, he would insist to either have me laying on his shoulder or hold his hand. That way he got the whole jump.
Then he would burst out laughing.

After the movie we went back to his house. Josh was stuck upstairs trying to get grandma to go to bed so Rob went to get him out. I stayed downstairs and talked with Jess for a while.

Once Josh and Rob got back downstairs we all talked and then they brought up a movie they watched not too long ago.
Fools Rush In.
I hadn't ever heard of it before..
So Rob started it.

I fell asleep before it was over, I was exhausted.

It seemed like a good movie from what I saw.

He was definitely a cutie.
I probably love him :)

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Matthew, Alicia, Tommy, Connor and Riley said...

Yeah well you are lucky Brylie! You got heart attacked! WE GOT A GLOWING CROSS ON OUR DOORSTEP WITH BLACK CATS AND BROKEN MIRRORS ON FRI!!!!! The neighbors think we are up to no good FOR SURE!