Catch Up

I've got a lot to catch up on so I'm just going to combine it all into one big blog.

Saturday, April 25:
I woke up with this big desire to dye my hair.
I wanted to try dark dark dark.
So that's what I did :)
Amber was so kind to volunteer to do it for me.
Its super dark and I will get some pictures up at some point so I'm not just telling you about it
But these pictures do not exist yet.

Monday, April 27:
Guess what! I got a new camera!
It was about time.
It was our Dairy Queen Adventure Day!
I planned to take a lot of pictures of our adventures and share... but lets face it
Uploading pictures is too crazy.

We didn't quite know what to do so we went to explore Shopko like we usually do.
I've been wanting a new camera and so we went to look at their selection.

I made my decision and purchased the camera I wanted.

We then drove around for a while and even got ice cream from Dairy Queen!

Also we managed to end up at Walmart and bought some pretty cool best friend key chains

We got food at Taco Amigo and I eventually had to go to FHE and teach about cleaning..

But after I went to charge the battery on my new camera... and no charger.
Turns out the camera they gave me was returned and the person didn't return everything in the box.
So I headed back to Shopko to exchange it.
After 20 minutes of waiting for someone to get me the camera or even acknowledge my presence I went to check out again.
This time everything was in it... BUT the camera.
Definitely not something I wanted.
The lady almost didn't have me check the box
So then my third and final box was a miracle and I am now the proud owner of a Fujifilm Coolpix J10.

Every night also I've been watching Lost with the Masons.
Its getting crazy how little sleep I manage to get each night
But Lost is sooooo addicting
Please join me in this new fascination.

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Angi said...

Yay for new cameras! I just got one too! Can't wait to see your hair! Oh...today!