Picture tag!

1. Go to My Documents/Pictures
2. Go to your fifth folder
3. Go to your fifth picture
4. Blog about it
5. Tag five people

Jessica will probably kill me for this one. But I had to do it!
This was taken on New Years Eve. We were playing a game called "Would you rather..."
She had drawn a challenge card and had to pick some not so embarrassing things from a list.. but she made it definitely a lot more embarrassing.
She chose to keep a spoon in her mouth for two turns.
It made it funnier because of how much she hated it

I tag: Amber, Emily, McKenna, Angi, Erika

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The Mowers said...

HAHAHA! I Love It! That was so perfect it makes me want to pee my pants... LOL LOL LOL It just kind of makes me mad that even with a spoon in her mouth, Jessica still looks like a super model.