pure anger.

I love and support everything that helps with breast cancer.

But now I'll be a little more careful.

You know all the commercials about the 3 day.

They were on a lot.

So I thought, cool! I'll check it out.

I placed an order for a necklace, a waterbottle, and a hat.

It took them two months and a WHOLE LOT of complaining and emails and calls for them to realize I was not happy.

They sent me my necklace and water bottle.

I'm still currently waiting for the hat.

Its been two and a half months.

Every time I call, I receive the same "at the end of this week..." response.

Or "The manufacturer is delaying it!"

What company would let customer's wait two months for a product and just be fine with the manufacturer delay it more?

I can't think of one.

Except the 3 day people.

I am very unhappy and I've already been charged.
What can I do but wait?

Special note to you:
Never purchase anything from the Breast Cancer 3 Day.

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