Traumatic experience

Today I had an appointment with a doctor about all my random little scars.
I hate them so bad!

So I finally got in thinking I would get a prescription for a cream and leave. Paying 20 dollars for the whole thing.

Big upside to the whole not having to pay 100 for OTC cream ... Especially knowing it would work.

I started getting nervous when I got there and mom told me there was no way I would get a shot.... Only plastic surgeons would do that. I calmed down a lot after that.

For 3 different areas/scars I got 3 completely different treatments.
This doctor was great and just said what we needed to do, and actually did it instead of telling me to come back.

Now we get to the reason of the post:
First thing they did was give me a shot.
He said it was REALLY painful and that just made me even more tense.
It KILLED! He had to jab it through tough scar tissue though so it makes sense.

I didn't cry this time but I had to keep laying down for a lot longer because of how shaky I still was.

I'm such a baby

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Sydney said...

I'm sad, it won't show me the pictures you posted on this one for some reason...
You'll have to show me when we hang out asap.
Sorry it hurt you. What will that shot do now?