Memorial Day!

His bum screams.. "LOOK AT ME!" (and maybe take a picture)

For once in my whole life I didn't sleep in super late. Saturday I slept til 3 in the afternoon.. its crazy.
But Monday I only slept in til 11:30

I got up, showered, and laid around for a while.

Then decided I wanted to try out my curlers so I started to put them in.

That's when I received my text from Rob telling me to be ready in 10 minutes.

Plan ruined and quickly aborted.

He wanted to take work off on Friday so we could go have a day in the canyon together.. but seeing how it was my last Friday with the kids at school, I reminded him we didn't work Monday.

Rob and Scott both went shopping and were ready to go.

Emily & Scott joined us and showed us this secret camp area/park I hadn't ever even known existed.
For the holiday there were a lot of people, but hardly anyone at the secret place and we actually stayed away from most.

We started a fire... with the whole box of six logs, not just one.
Then started making hot dogs.

Rob kept asking me "well, what are you going to eat?"
Of course, since I don't eat hot dogs I said I would just eat some buns.

He then pulled out what I found to be very cute, and to a point, romantic. He made me Macaroni and Cheese before and packed it all up.

It was soooo cute.

It was probably the best mac and cheese I've ever had :)

Because he did that, I tried to get a hot dog ready for him and actually failed miserably.

He ended up having to make his own, but its the thought that counts right?

While in the midst of the hot dog cooking Rob and Scott decided they wanted to burn the ants that tried to attack us.

Half a bottle of lighter fluid later, the ants were sure sorry.
I thought there would be a forest fire!

We attempted to roast Starbursts but it wasn't working out so great, so we packed up and headed home.

I made the fruit pizza with lots of help from Emily to cut my fruit and then we moved over to help Jess with the Ka-Bobs.

It was messy and crazy! I touched RAW meat.. EW!

Rob and Scott worked on cooking them on the grill in the back while we assembled them.

It took hours it seemed.

I have to say though, the fruit pizza was still my favorite part :)

After we made smores for everyone and started watching the basketball game.

Emily had to go home to get her rest and the kiddos went to sleep.
So since I'm obviously not a huge sports fan, I went in and talked with Jessica.

We talked for seriously like 3 to 4 hours.

Everything came up.. there wasn't a thing we didn't talk about.

Finally at midnight we had ice cream and then talked with Rob for a couple minutes and then needed to go home for work.

I love all the Masons so much and they're all amazing people.
I wouldn't know what to do without them
And I'm glad I got to spend all day with them.



Final Race for the Cure blog

After all this talk about Race for the Cure, its finally done with.
On Saturday I woke up early early, and had to be out of here by 7.

Then picked up Amber and Tiffani to head up to Salt Lake.

We started at The Gateway.

Our original plans were to just do the 1 mile.
But no.

The roads weren't clearly marked... so before we new it, we made it to a sign that said Mile 1.
Obviously we were supposed to be at the finish point by now, so we ended up doing the whole 5k.
It took 59 minutes. I know the picture of the timer says differently, but we started the race two minutes late.
I was very proud of myself!

It wasn't as much of a run as I expected, we mostly walked the whole thing.
And took pictures :).

It was a lot of fun and there were TONS of people there!

My favorite team from this year and from when I volunteered 2 years ago was team "Walkers for April's Knockers"

There is not a man that looks perverted up there.

They can wear shirts that say "save the boobies!"
Haha its awesome.

I love how supportive everyone is.

So we got there, found a perfect parking spot, ran/walked, then drove home.

Before we actually headed home, we had to get Krispy Kreme though.

We deserved it:)

When I got home, I layed down for what I thought would be a little nap, maybe til noon as it was around ten.

I slept until six o'clock that evening.

My legs are still sore, and my shins hurt like nothing I've ever felt before.
I can't wait to do it again next year.

Hopefully I can volunteer in the days before and then still run in the race.

I ran in memory of Kari Mason.

She was in my ward... my sunday school teacher.

An amazing woman, who lost the fight.

Come run with me next year, and make a difference

Star Trek

I really tried to make that picture much smaller. but it won't work...

So once upon a time, Robert likes to see movies as soon as they come out... mainly the midnight showing.

I probably couldn't tell you anything from this movie, but I know I liked it.

I highly recommend you see it.

The end.

Caden's Birthday: pictures

Caden's Birthday

First of all, I would like to let you know that I have 91 photos of this event.
So you will get a separate post with the pictures because it really is just too hard to upload them.
Plus, they always have the spaces between them.

We had Caden's birthday party on Friday.
Robert and I went to Star Trek the night before, and I was exhausted all day.
Naturally, when I got home I took a nap.

I snoozed my alarm too much and ended up waking up at 5 when I was supposed to be at the Mason house.

I ran to Toys 'R' Us and picked up some blocks and chalk stuff.

Then hurried back to their house just in time to find out Rob was home from Draper, already done eating.

It was about six.

Obviously though, I wouldn't eat the hot dogs they had for dinner... haha who would have thought!

After we were all settled, Jessica, Josh, Caden, Kyler, Janet, Tamara, Rob, Scott and I walked to Bonneville Elementary for Bronco Days.

We played lots of games.

My favorite was the one where you dig through a pool of shredded paper and find prizes

What's better than that?
There was even a cloud of paper hovering the room.

Emily stopped in for a little while and it was nice to see her, but had to go because she's doing school full time and work full time.
Crazy woman!
I could never do that!

We then played more games and adapted Rob's pocket as the prize pocket because there were too many to hold.

Then we headed back to the Mason's to eat cake and open presents.

Scott and Emily got him a puzzle that was a picture of him and it was soooooooooo cute.

Robert & I gave him 200 blocks (sorry for the mess), 3D chalk, and a rainbow rake for chalk.
Very messy, I know.

Jessica and Josh had a super soaker, a puzzle, Lincoln logs, Cars legos and I think something else but I can't remember.

We also had cake and it was delicious.
I'm usually not a fan of cake but how could you not eat a Lightning McQueen cake?!

My mouth turned wonderful colors from the black tire though :(

Then we played for a little and the kids went to bed

Jessica puts on a great party, and maybe I'll have to convince her to host mine :)

embarrassing photos

Bunco was bunco...
Not much else to say to that

But I did get some fun photos!
And experienced Alicia's first strawberry!


midnight movies

They will be the death of me.

Last night I saw Star Trek... what a nerd.
Last week I saw Wolverine.

I think I will probably sleep for the rest of my life.

To top it off I'm getting sick...
I thought it was allergies but NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Probably the Swine Flu so I really will die


Dear World,

Kyson is baptized.

He is too big.

If he is old enough to be baptized...
That makes me toooo old.

I just don't know what to do.

I feel like an oldie.


Race for the cure

Its this Saturday

So if you want to do it sign up
I think

Or you can register the day of I believe

But I could possibly be wrong.

I recently purchased a necklace for it that says everyone deserves a life time

I believe this and that's why I support everything to help breast cancer.

My mom told me that we don't deserve it, we're given it.
Which is true

But I still want to fight to help them.
If I was diagnosed with it, I would still want the support, even if it made no difference in the end.

Just to know someone cared would be enough.

So help me support it by walking or running!

Or they even have a "sleep for the cure"

Dear Alicia

I'm sorry I haven't visited you and you're baby yet

Please forgive me