Final Race for the Cure blog

After all this talk about Race for the Cure, its finally done with.
On Saturday I woke up early early, and had to be out of here by 7.

Then picked up Amber and Tiffani to head up to Salt Lake.

We started at The Gateway.

Our original plans were to just do the 1 mile.
But no.

The roads weren't clearly marked... so before we new it, we made it to a sign that said Mile 1.
Obviously we were supposed to be at the finish point by now, so we ended up doing the whole 5k.
It took 59 minutes. I know the picture of the timer says differently, but we started the race two minutes late.
I was very proud of myself!

It wasn't as much of a run as I expected, we mostly walked the whole thing.
And took pictures :).

It was a lot of fun and there were TONS of people there!

My favorite team from this year and from when I volunteered 2 years ago was team "Walkers for April's Knockers"

There is not a man that looks perverted up there.

They can wear shirts that say "save the boobies!"
Haha its awesome.

I love how supportive everyone is.

So we got there, found a perfect parking spot, ran/walked, then drove home.

Before we actually headed home, we had to get Krispy Kreme though.

We deserved it:)

When I got home, I layed down for what I thought would be a little nap, maybe til noon as it was around ten.

I slept until six o'clock that evening.

My legs are still sore, and my shins hurt like nothing I've ever felt before.
I can't wait to do it again next year.

Hopefully I can volunteer in the days before and then still run in the race.

I ran in memory of Kari Mason.

She was in my ward... my sunday school teacher.

An amazing woman, who lost the fight.

Come run with me next year, and make a difference


Amber said...

haha I slept til four! Im still glad we did the whole 5k though just to say that we did it is cool!!! :D

Angi said...

Hey Bry, my grandma is fighting her second battle with breast cancer! I'll for sure do it with you next year!

Mason Family Blog :) said...

Aw, that is so awesome of you! It looks like you guys had a blast too.

Erika said...

You are amazing Brylie!
Next year I for suuure want to do it, okay?

Also, I miss you.