Memorial Day!

His bum screams.. "LOOK AT ME!" (and maybe take a picture)

For once in my whole life I didn't sleep in super late. Saturday I slept til 3 in the afternoon.. its crazy.
But Monday I only slept in til 11:30

I got up, showered, and laid around for a while.

Then decided I wanted to try out my curlers so I started to put them in.

That's when I received my text from Rob telling me to be ready in 10 minutes.

Plan ruined and quickly aborted.

He wanted to take work off on Friday so we could go have a day in the canyon together.. but seeing how it was my last Friday with the kids at school, I reminded him we didn't work Monday.

Rob and Scott both went shopping and were ready to go.

Emily & Scott joined us and showed us this secret camp area/park I hadn't ever even known existed.
For the holiday there were a lot of people, but hardly anyone at the secret place and we actually stayed away from most.

We started a fire... with the whole box of six logs, not just one.
Then started making hot dogs.

Rob kept asking me "well, what are you going to eat?"
Of course, since I don't eat hot dogs I said I would just eat some buns.

He then pulled out what I found to be very cute, and to a point, romantic. He made me Macaroni and Cheese before and packed it all up.

It was soooo cute.

It was probably the best mac and cheese I've ever had :)

Because he did that, I tried to get a hot dog ready for him and actually failed miserably.

He ended up having to make his own, but its the thought that counts right?

While in the midst of the hot dog cooking Rob and Scott decided they wanted to burn the ants that tried to attack us.

Half a bottle of lighter fluid later, the ants were sure sorry.
I thought there would be a forest fire!

We attempted to roast Starbursts but it wasn't working out so great, so we packed up and headed home.

I made the fruit pizza with lots of help from Emily to cut my fruit and then we moved over to help Jess with the Ka-Bobs.

It was messy and crazy! I touched RAW meat.. EW!

Rob and Scott worked on cooking them on the grill in the back while we assembled them.

It took hours it seemed.

I have to say though, the fruit pizza was still my favorite part :)

After we made smores for everyone and started watching the basketball game.

Emily had to go home to get her rest and the kiddos went to sleep.
So since I'm obviously not a huge sports fan, I went in and talked with Jessica.

We talked for seriously like 3 to 4 hours.

Everything came up.. there wasn't a thing we didn't talk about.

Finally at midnight we had ice cream and then talked with Rob for a couple minutes and then needed to go home for work.

I love all the Masons so much and they're all amazing people.
I wouldn't know what to do without them
And I'm glad I got to spend all day with them.



The Mowers said...

I'm sorry, but that is the cutesy story ever!! Go rob!!!

Price Family said...

Brylie, you are the best!