BirtHdaY NighT with MasOnS.

Once upon a time, the Masons all joined me for a birthday celebration. Put together by Jessica.

We were all told to meet at Brick Oven at six:thirty PM. Only Scott and Emily were there on time, and waited fourty-five minutes for us to show up. I'm sorry guys :(

The last people to roll in were Josh...
.. and Jessica. But we still love them.Me & Robert... he is such a good smiler
After Brick Oven, we made our way up to the canyon to watch What About Bob. We put a sheet up for the screen and Rob brought up his projector. It was a lot of fun :)
Robert and Josh are excellent setter uppers...
The girls just played around and took pictures while the boys got everything ready... (after I put up the sheet, of course)
This is Emily showing us how to do a really good silly lip face
The only picture of all the girls that is presentable :)
But this one is just too funny, Scott & Emily brought up marshmallows, but no one brought charcoal... so we stuffed our mouths and are signing candy like Kyler.

It was a lot of fun going with them, especially with Scott & Emily there, I hardly ever see them!


Erika said...

You're way too cute.
Also...Marry him, okay?

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