Brylie & Madi & Whitney

Madi is a mommy! That is so weird, but he is the cutest little guy!
It is so weird to me how many people my age are married and have kids!

Saturday her mom threw her a baby shower at the Hampton Inn & Suites.. where both she and Holli work.

Madi currently lives out in LAMEville in California.

She came out and her mom magically threw it all together.

I purchased a beautifully cute little bath set for Kelvin & Madi.

I wish I could say I picked it out... but it was actually on their registry. :(

We played lots of fun games and laughed the whole time.

Afterwards, Me, Madi, and Whitney Florea stayed and talked
Eventually Whitney had to go to work, only an hour late, and so Madi and I also went to Winger's and sat in her section so we could talk while she had little breaks in between.

I haven't seen Madi probably since Sento days back in the 2007 : February time period.

It was so crazy to catch up with her and see how life is going.

She's going to be a wonderful mommy... and maybe she'll even move back to get more help

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