The other day, Robert took me to Bonneville Elementary in the field and taught me how to golf.
It was a lot of fun being outdoors doing something he loves to do. Plus you could totally tell that he loved teaching me... even though I am still horrible.

I'm finally sort of getting it down.

We probably hit it back and forth 6 or 7 times.

Every time I hit it far and did a good job, he would hold my hand to the next spot.
If I hit it farther than him... [rarely] he gave me a cute little kiss on the cheek.

Haha great motivation

Its a lot of fun, and maybe I'll get good enough that when Mckay comes back, I'll be able to go super duper real golfing with them.
[[[[[I would like all of you to know that these posts from today are not at all in order... they're in complete crazy order.
At least I got them posted :).
Now enjoy & comment.]]]]]


The Mowers said...

I golf like a baseball player...

Mason Family Blog :) said...

lol, that is so weird, Scott just told me that he golfs like a baseball player too.........