Tuesday I received a random text from Kelli/Mrs. M asking what I was doing the next day...

She asked me to go to the school and help her in the classroom.

They can't pay me for the summer but I told her to let me know if she wants help at all.

So after school yesterday, I got to go and help start setting stuff up for school.

It was amazing.
Only one month left!

Well... less than that.

And my super favorite aide... Amanda... is coming back in the fall! YES!!!

I also got to catch up with her and see what she's been up to.

She's working for BYU for the summer and had some of the student teachers come to see how to set up a classroom.

Basically... they were asking the stupidest questions and am so glad I have had the opportunity to work in a classroom already so I won't be so needy and dumb as they are.

:) Go me!

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