Fourth of July :) [maybe some of the fifth]

For the fourth of July, I went over to the Mason's around 3:30.

I took cake pops and popcicles...
Plus the left over pudding and whip cream from the cake for Jessica

We all just worked to get the food ready, and we had TONS of it.

Millions of steaks, lots of chicken, and loads of desserts.

While we were getting the food ready, Scott, Emily, Caden, and Jessica filled up water balloons so we could play the towell balloon game.

They didn't last and a huge water fight broke out instead.

I probably was the most wet because Robert dumped a WHOLE huge bucket of water on me from the roof.

The water fight eventually ended and we had dinner.. and boy was it yummy. Josh even made me a grilled cheese since I don't eat meat.

After we ate, we did the planned deal for the water games and then all got in warm clothes.

We then did fireworks. :)
While doing that, a huge fight broke out with the snaps.
Everyone was throwing them on everyone... no one was safe.

I loved spending the weekend with them.


The next day, Sunday, Robert called me over.

You should all be proud... I ATE MEAT. I ate a bite of ribs and a bite of chicken.

I had to fight the tears and gag reflex... but I did it.

Then Robert and I watched TV and I even fell asleep for a little while.

I got woken up by my sister texting me
I received news that my uncle Nate has passed away.

Its probably the saddest thing I've ever heard.

He was a great guy and usually the only one that would talk to me at the family parties.
He will truly be missed.

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