Jessica's Birthday!

Last Friday was Jessica's birthday!
The big twenty-five!


Anyways, we planned (by we, I mostly mean Josh) a surprise party for her up in the canyon. They would go to get food and then meet us up there.

Me and Robert were the only ones there... and we were even late.

We made a special cake for her and everything.

Those in attendance were :
Scott & Emily
Me & Robert
Jessica & Josh (obviously)
Tasha & her husband & their little girl Emma
Alicia Mower
Jessica "Penovich" (insert new last name here) & her husband
Jen (whom I didn't know)

We all brought up our own food and then played around the canyon for a little while.

Once it got dark, we (now down to Robert, I, Jessica, Josh, & Alicia) watched Lady in the Water.

I had never seen it before...

And had NO idea what was going on for the first half since I couldn't hear it.

It was a lot of fun though!

Happy Birthday Jessica!

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