Vernal Trip

Wednesday afternoon Jessica texted me, asking if there was any way Robert and I could come with her and Josh to move their stuff from the storage units in Vernal to one in Orem since they aren't moving there anymore. So Rob took off Thursday and we left around four Wednesday.

It was a long drive in our very large yellow truck. I had never been to vernal and wasn't expecting as long as a drive as it was. I had a lot of fun though... and didn't even get car sick.

We got to vernal around 8:30 and by 9 we were at the storage units and started the long task of loading up the truck. The boys brought in all the stuff and the girls organized it.

Well the boxes any way... once it got to the bigger stuff and the random stuff the boys took over (now adding Josh's brother-in-law). Our half was so much more organized... we probably should have taken a picture of the truck and how well we packed it.

We got done around 11 and decided it was too late to drive back 2-3 hours to Orem. There was a rodeo and so the only hotel we had was not anything compared to Holiday Inn... but it was a cute little place.

We woke up around 10 and got ready to go... first giving the keys back to the guy for the storage unit and then found breakfast.

There was a little shack that said they had scones.. and it sounded DELICIOUS.

Once we bought them... it was a biscuit with glaze on top. Plus Rob ate half of mine.... it was such a little breakfast.

On the way home I was falling asleep... and we were so so so close to running out of gas. We barely made it to Heber.

Once we were there I had to pee really really bad.... and when I got back in the truck, Robert smashed my fingers in the door. OUCH

We finally made it back to Orem around 3 and Scott came to help us unload all the stuff to the new storage unit.

Boy was it hot! When we loaded it was already dark and so it wasn't bad at all.... but we were now in the heat of the day.
While building a shelf.. Rob hit me with a metal pole in the face... obviously he was out to get me.

It took us 3 hours to put everything in the new storage unit.
But we lost two people in the process as Jessica had to go watch the kids and Scott (being the only one with the car) had to take her home.

We came home after and had the best showers EVER.
Then had yummy Papa John's pizza... it never tasted so good

I slept so good last night, no one could even imagine.
Now enjoy my beautiful pictures from our trip:

We sure are pretty:)

Jessica pretending to drive the HUGE truck... but she's not really

Jessica and Josh.. on the way there
Robert and I on the way there
Me, Josh's Hand, Jessica, and Josh
Robert trying on my glasses.. day one
Robert trying on Jessica's glasses.. day two
Jessica and Josh. day two

Josh driving the biiiiiiiiig truck.. for real this time
The big wheel... and controls
Kissing picture one... he is such a weirdo
Kissing picture two... he stole my glasses again
I knew you all wanted to see us kiss... plus everyone always has kissing pictures.
So here is ours in the big yellow truck
Sleeping on the way home... and he's playing brick breaker
"My Husband. My Marine. My Hero"--Jessica... when we're finally home.


McKenna said...

Oh, Brylie. How much it pains me to see you growing up and kissing boys. I remember you, Kacee, and I as children playing dolls. I have to say though, he's a keeper ;). I love your enthusiasim for life, yours posts are always so fun to read. Glad you had a good time.

Price Family said...

I should just tell everyone to read your blog, and it is my life too lol :) :) Love ya!