Make-A-Cake foundation

The cake cooking in the oven:

Just starting the sugar candy:


Fondant rolled out:

First teir frosted:

First teir covered, and top teir frosted:

Whole cake covered:

Final result:

((So there was a bunch of powered sugar in front of me and I was playing with it and it was making lines.... so then we decided to take a pretend picture. I don't know how any one could snort anything.... I would hate that))

Today after work, I headed over to Amber's house to help make a cake for her mom, Leah, since her birthday is tomorrow!

First we went shopping at Albertson's and bought all the stuff, then mixed the cake batter and started it in the oven.

After, we attempted to make these cool tiles out of sugar that I saw on the Food Network Challenge.

To put it simply, they were like jell-o.
So we stretched them instead.

We even covered it with fondant and it was quite the disaster.

With all the sugar pulled over it, it looked better though. maybe next time it'll be even better!

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