Monkey thing..Giraffes.. including the baby


Cheetah.. Leopard, something

The bear eating some sort of popcicle... Basically he cooled himself off by rubbing on it and then ate it!


Lion... but my camera focused on the fense, not her

Flower... edited.



I was basically there.

The owl winking, I even caught it mid-wink.


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"This is the Place"

On the way home


Robert told me Friday that he planned to go to the zoo the next day after my class.
I was so excited, but still thought it might not work since we tried SOOOO many times to go with Jessica and the boys.
But it happened! After my History class, we got ready we headed out.
Of course we had to stop and get gas first AND fill up our tummies with Del Taco.

On the way up there we got stuck in horrible traffic. Turns out there was a huge Walmart truck on its side... a SUV lost control of their car and ran into him.

After a long ride up we finally made it!

It was probably the funnest thing ever!
I loved spending the day with him and seeing all the cute animals.

A lot of them had babies but they couldn't be out..
Like the elephant and tiger.

On the way home we stopped at This is the Place park. We looked at the monuments to see what it was all about and then headed home.

To avoid the traffic of the crash we went over South Mountain. It was my first time up there and it was a beautiful view.

It was a wonderful day and I loved it!


Mason Family Blog :) said...

I am glad you got your post to work :) It looks great :)

Sydney said...

FUN!I'm pretty jealous! You two are too cute.
Any chance I can get you to teach me how to post the photo's at the top of your blog? You know, your darling Miss Brylie ones?