What I've been up to

So here is my last week for you!:

Thursday, September 3:
I was starting to get sick and suffered through bunco. I thought it was allergies but turned into a full blown cold. I am still suffering from it a little. It didn't hurt my game though! I had 9 buncos and picked my prize first... good night :)

Friday, September 4:
I babysat Caden and Kyler all day while Jessica was away. We had a field trip that day for work and walked to Harmon's (about 4-5 blocks) and was still sick. It was rough but I made it.
While babysitting, Allex had to come and cover for me for one hour while I did my lab for ASL. After the kids were in bed though, I just went up with Rob until she got home (don't worry, I had the baby monitor to listen.) She probably got home around 3

Saturday, September 5:
I had my history class. I hated every second of it and not just because I was sick. Its economic history and it made normal history seem interesting almost. A.W.F.U.L. After My class I came home and did homework for my health class and then headed to Rob's. We watched TV and played games together.

Sunday, September 6:
Immediately after church I went to Rob's house and hung out with his family. I feel like they're my own family and I love all of them! I did some homework after dinner for my online English class while Rob played games... then he watched TV with me.

Monday, September 7: Labor Day
I woke up and got ready... then around 1 I headed to Mason's. Rob and I got the meat ready for chicken fajitas and steak. We even made homemade tortillas.... basically, they were amazing. After we made the tortillas, I made taco meat for me, and then we grilled the steak. Jessica was inside cooking the chicken for everyone too.

Tuesday, September 8:
Back to work, but it was an easy day without our lowest functioning student that I am normally with. Rob was sick and came home early from work. After I was done at 2:30 I stopped at kneaders and got him some chicken noodle soup. I stayed there and watched TV with him until my sign language class. When we got out at 7:30 (which was super early) I went straight back over. I made myself some stuffing and had that for dinner. We just sat on the couch for most of the night, since he was sick.

Wednesday, September 9: (9/9/09!-- 999!)
Rob didn't go to work since he was sick (stomach flu, not my cold. I didn't give it to him!). Also, the student I work with wasn't there so it was another easy day at work. After, Miss Amanda and I stopped at Orem Jr. to see the student teacher from last year. She has her own classroom now and is engaged. We had to catch up on what is going on. I made more tortillas at my house before I went to Rob's. Actually, just the dough and then I cooked them there. We ate dinner (using the tortillas, of course) and watched some more TV. (We love that TV!)
Also, while I was at work, Jessica texted me. We are now flying to Disneyland instead of driving. It was $138 round trip and will only be an hour and a half flight. I am so excited since I get car sick.

Thursday, September 10:
Again, we didn't have the student I work with and so we just slowly passed time doing other things. I also dropped my history class because I don't understand it one bit. There is no point for me to pay for a class that I will just fail and have to pay for again anyways. I'll probably take a normal history class next semester. I went early to my ASL class so that I could do my hour in the lab. On the way there was just a tiny wreck that everyone wanted to look at. While passing it, I witnessed a car hit the back of another because they didn't pay attention. But there was a long line of cars that were pretty close to each other (while stopped) and they all hit. It probably involved 5-6 cars. That made getting to class take longer. I loved the actual class once I was done with the lab. We got done a little early again and I went over to Rob's. He played his computer game for a while and then we started watching our new show. Criminal Minds is amazing. I love it!

Friday, September 11: (9/11)... (Today)
Finally, the student I work with showed up! I missed her so much and was glad to have her back. It made work go a lot faster. At 11:30 Kelli/Mrs. M left to go on a trip with her sisters. That made it so Miss Amanda and I had to take over. It was really crazy and I am not looking forward to her missing anymore!
Me and Rob are planning to go to a movie later, but we are still unsure what one.

That's my past couple of days for you :)

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