Disneyland 09!

So I am extremely late on posting about our Disneyland/California trip in October. We left the 14th and got back the 21st.
Jessica, Caden, Kyler, Rob and I flew out at 8:36 am to the Long Beach Airport. It was an early morning but it wasn't too bad once we were up and about. The plane was so tiny you have no idea! On the way there our plane only had 22 rows or something like that, and only four seats across. (At least everyone either had a window or an aisle seat!) After we arrived in Long Beach, at about 9:45 am (California time), we headed to Hampton Inn & Suites in Garden Grove/Anaheim.
It was such a nice hotel and I loved our room, but for the first couple of hours (since we were so early), we only had the Prices' room. They had two queens and their room was connected to our suite with the kitchen and everything. I loved having the extra space with the suite. After ordering pizza from Papa John's and waiting hours for our room, we finally all took naps from being exhausted.
I finally woke up when Janet and Stan (Rob's parents) and Scott and Emily arrived at the hotel. They drove separate. We had pizza again that night that they had picked up on their way. Also, Josh got to come! He has been at Camp Pennelton(?) for the Marines and was lucky to be able to join us! We all just hung out until we all went to bed.
The next day, Thursday, we all headed to Disneyland! At first we all went together on some rides.. besides Janet who would sneak off and throw up every once an a while. (The first picture is Rob and me waiting for Snow White!)

One of the family rides included Its A Small World. This picture is priceless to me because Stan is doing bunny ears to Scott and Scott is doing it to Jessica.
This is me and Rob on Autopia.. my personal first time. I've been so many times to Disneyland with my family but never been on this one. It was fun and Rob even let me drive!
As the day went on, everyone slowly went back to the hotel to take breaks and eat lunch while Rob and I kept going. I was exhausted by the end of the night and we went home a little early and just watched TV and watched the fireworks from our balcony.
On Friday we all headed back to Disneyland. Rob and I spent the majority of the day with Scott and Emily. It was a lot of fun to go around and go on the rides with them.
Saturday was our beach day! It was really foggy but a lot of fun. I don't have too many pictures because we were all out swimming. We went out and were actually swimming and it felt really just like the wave pool. I have never had so much fun at a beach! Rob and Scott even saw dolphins... but they thought they were sharks lol.
After the beach, everyone cleaned up and we went to the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. It was very delicious and Rob's parents even paid. The restaurant was way cool with it decorated like a rainforest, including lots of aquariums, and even a lightning/thunder storm every 20 minutes.
(Caden and Josh at dinner)
Kyler loved the coloring and would not look up. I have just about 13 pictures of this boy trying to get his attention.
I also took a lot of pictures of Janet and Stan because he kept messing up the picture. This last one was the cutest because she really wasn't expecting it.
During dinner at some point Caden started doing a "bum" dance. He was wiggling it back and forth for Jess and it was the funniest thing. She was laughing so hard.
As we were leaving, there was an artist outside who was painting with his bare hands. He painted this gorilla, but did it upside down so no one knew what it was going to be. He was really really good and it was a lot of fun to watch!

On Sunday, Jess and Josh had to go to Camp Pennelton(?) and so they dropped us off at the beach. It was fun to have alone time with him. We collected so so so so SO many shells it was ridiculous. It was still foggy but not as bad.
After the beach we headed to California Adventure that night. We did a couple rides but were just so exhausted that we went back to the hotel and just watched TV and the fireworks again.

Monday we were going to go to Knott's Berry Farm but Rob was sick. I probably slept in until 3 in the afternoon. I enjoyed the rest though and was glad to have him feeling better.
Tuesday, Rob was still feeling sick but didn't let me know until we got home. It was our last day to play and he didn't want to ruin it. This is us waiting in line for the Nemo Submarine ride... The lady behind us in the picture was so weird and I guess just wanted to be in our memories.

I really really badly wanted a picture in front of the Mickey Mouse flowers with Rob, but we never did until the last day. We had no one to take our picture at that point so I asked the lady who takes the pictures you can buy to take it. Of course she made it blurry and ruined my memories.
R for Robert!
We woke up and headed to the airport to go home on Wednesday. Once we got there and got threw all the drama of the bags, we went looking for food. This sign was up at a restaurant and I loved it. Don't be a boob. Save a life. hahahaha. I was so sad to leave.
This was our plane coming home. We were in the back on row 13 or 15.. I don't remember. It was even smaller than the first. The airport was tiny too. We had to walk out to the plane instead of having it pull up to a terminal. Once we got back to Salt Lake I figure it would finally be normal but they made us walk in too! It was freezing outside and I did not like it!
So the whole trip Kyler would tell me "No, Brylie! No!" for no reason and just hated me. But on the plane, when he started to not like it, he kept yelling "Brylie HUG!" and would try to come to me. They wouldn't let him until we were all the way up and he was crying the whole time. Two minutes after I got him he fell asleep. It was so cute.

Once I got home I hated it. I didn't miss California really (besides the warmness) but I missed Rob. I had spent almost every minute with him and suddenly I just felt lonely.

It was a great trip and I had a lot of fun. I love the Masons and was so glad I got to go with them.

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