Halloween weekend

So I just had to post! Halloween is so much fun with my class I cannot stand it! First period we did donuts on string.

Second period was prep so all the kids went out to classes, while Kalisha stayed in and we straightened her hair! It was so much fun to see. She definitely has African American hair:) In the end it was so thick and long everyone thought it was a wig!
Third period we did mummy wrap up with toilet paper. We then made treats for our movie after lunch.
Fourth period we watched Matilda since we just finished reading it with the class.
This is me and Kalisha with her beautiful hair. (I'm a nerd)
Miss Amanda, Miss Brylie :), Mrs. M (Kelli), and Mrs. Tricia all together in our costumes.

After work I realized my wallet wasn't in my purse and figured it would be in my car from the morning when I tore through my purse to find my phone. When I got out to my car it wasn't there so I called my mom at home to check and see if it was still on my bed. She kinda looked and told me it wasn't. I almost started to cry I was so scared. Finally when I got home and I got to look for myself I found it under my bed, half visible because it was covered by a shirt.

That night I went with the Masons to Chuck-a-rama and it was delicious. I just love it. When we got home Rob and I watched the 5th season of Lost on the computer since the new season starts soon and they don't have this one on DVD yet. Also we stayed up talking with his family for a long time. It was fun to joke around and just talk.

Saturday, actual Halloween, I woke up and got dressed and waited around for a while. I then went to Rob's and we all sat around for a while. Finally it was time to go trick or treating! Caden was evil Emperor Zerg, Kyler was Buzz Lightyear, and Jess was one of the green aliens. It was fun to go out and trick or treat with them and they were both so cute.

When we got home and they went to bed all the adults watched The Dollhouse Murders. It was pretty funny but Jessica was terrified.
We also got The Man Who Knew Too Much but waited until Sunday to watch it.

I sure love the Masons!

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