I lack pictures so far... but hopefully will get copies shortly.

I started the day off at 12:00 pm, heading to Saratoga Springs with Allex to Grandma and Grandpa Harris' house.
It wasn't as chaotic as usual, but still was awkward.. I would say.
I haven't been for months... maybe a year even and everyone was sure to state that.

My grandpa, like always, asked how old I am now and then proceeded to tell me I will be able to get married in 4 years. Every time he has asked since I was like 16 he has always said 4 years.

I plan to get married on my own timing, not his though.

I stayed for a while, keeping close to Allex.

Around 1:30 I left to go back to Rob's house...
(Actually, I stopped at my house first and had a bowl of YUMMY muddy buddy cereal...)

He was playing his game for a while, so I started to make the rolls (our assignment) and he said he would change and come out to help.

Of course, like twenty minutes later..... after I was all done and the dough was in the bread maker, he came out of the shower. It was supposed to be a surprise (because he sure smells good after he showers) but he took too long and somewhat ruined it.

We then watched some TV while everyone was finishing their assignments.
Jessica and I decided it would be fun to make name tags..... mostly so we would get stuck sitting by their grandma.

They were so fun! While I made them, Jess cut out strips and feathers to make indian hats for everyone.

I was back in Rob's room when the bread maker beeped and when Jessica went to look inside... I hadn't snapped the container down hard enough (I pushed as hard as I could) and so it was still the exact same as I had put in.

Luckily everything else took a while to get ready and we made the rolls just in time for the prayer.

We ate around 6... which was the latest I have ever eaten Thanksgiving Dinner.

I had my nice little plate of mashed potatoes, a roll, and some HOMEMADE stuffing.
Rob had made me promise earlier in the week though that I would try everything at the table.

Stan piled on the sweet potatoes, I picked my small pieces of turkey, and then Rob ruined it all by pouring spoonfuls of gravy. I HATE gravy.

He ate quickly and dismissed himself from the table.
I DID try everything.... but didn't eat everything on my plate... The only new thing I liked was Stan's homemade stuffing.

We then watched some football and Rob was looking up ads for a new laptop he wants. We eventually all had pie and it was delicious.
My pie of choice? Chocolate Cheesecake. Yum.

I am so thankful for Rob and all he does for me. He means well when he gets me to eat new foods and pushes my limits.
I love him and his family to pieces.

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Angi said...

Sorry it was awkward...we only mention it cause we miss and love you...