Okay.. Okay.. I am behind again. There is no need to yell... or get angry.
I just need to find a time to sit down and do this stuff.

My first great present was the fact that I had all of Christmas break without my cousins in our house. It was so much more quiet and calm.... I don't know how I'll get back into the routine of them around again.
Okay.. So my real Christmas started out around 7:30 in the AM. We opened our family gifts and I loved everything I got. My dad gave me the impression that they didn't buy anything for me besides what I had purchased and they reimbursed me for. I ended up getting a lot more than I thought. My favorite present was from my mom. She spent weeks organizing our old photos and putting them in albums for all of us kids. I got 3 albums worth and was so excited to show everyone. I also got a new phone... and its about time! Its a touch screen with a keyboard. A-Ma-Zing! I love it.
Rob also got a new touch screen phone and we spent all of Christmas Eve setting them up so they would be ready for Christmas.
It was such an improvement over my old phone and it is probably my favorite phone ever.

After I opened presents with my family, I showered and headed over to Rob's house to do presents with his family at 10. I loved everything they got me and it was so fun to see their different Christmas traditions compared to my family. Instead of everyone just opening their own presents at their own pace... They hand each other the presents one by one and everyone watches. I ended up getting Rob a PlayStation 3... mostly for the Blu Ray player. I don't understand it, but he liked it. He got me a Cricut :) (I had to talk myself out of purchasing one many times... and he would hear my debates of whether or not to get it. So naturally, he got it for me.) He also got me a TON of smelly lotions and sprays... choosing his favorites for me. A gift card to get some much needed things.... and my favorite that we can do together (drum roll please.....) Lost, Season 5! After hours of present opening that was much more exciting that I have ever had... we all just went off on our own. Rob and I set up his new surround sound receiver and his PS3. Then I showed his family how the Cricut works and how awesome they are. The boys were the most impressed and even helped me figure out how to work it.

After all of that we had dinner... another thing I am not used to. I've never had a nice sit down dinner at Christmas like a Thanksgiving dinner. It was so much fun and I loved it. I had to head to Saratoga Springs after that to go to the Harris' family get together. Turns out I went all the way out just for socializing, and all the Christmas stuff would be the following Sunday. So I drove back to Rob's house and we all played games. I love playing games with their whole family, its so much fun! We played until probably 1:o'clock AM and then we all headed to bed. Because Scott and Emily were sleeping over, I convinced my parents to let me have a sleepover also!

The next day was full of games and excitement as well.

I probably gained 5 pounds each day because of all the snacks.

I loved that Rob had work off also from Thursday the 24th to Sunday the 27th. I spent so much time with his family that I saw his family more than mine.

When Monday came though... it was terrible to have him at work and I just wanted to have him home. Especially with the snow.

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

Yeah, basically even if I work out every day for the rest of my life I won't work off all of that junk food. I just can't control myself with so much yummy food around!!