New Years Week 2010

Rob again had Thursday to Sunday off for New Years Eve and Day. I was excited to have him back!

Thursday I went over and we were watching lame TV. Why boys like to watch so much football is beyond me.
After Rob separated from Scott and TV he came in and was playing his dumb computer game Rappelz. (I HATE THAT GAME.)
I went out and watched the family play Skip Bo, because I came in late. Then we played the same game as last year called, Would You Rather? Its a lot of fun and I enjoy it a lot.
I recorded videos instead of taking pictures... those will all have to be in separate posts.

There is:
-Emily (Rob's sister-in-law) dancing to her own music.
-Janet "rapping".
-Stan smelling horrible smelling things.
-Jessica had to make the animal noises we called out... but I was running out of space on my memory card... so there isn't a video of her anymore.

We played games through midnight and then did a few fireworks outside.

The next day after I had been there for probably 30 minutes, Scott was yelling at Jess to get the door. It was like 5 minutes later and he still was so I finally just walked up and answered. It was their cousin John and his wife Rebecca. It was so fun to meet them.
For a while we watched more football.... and then we played some games.
The first one was Hillarium. You have to act out different things and try to match with other people.
After we played Partini... kind of like Cranium. That was fun too... but my team of Rob, Jessica, and me lost.

We then watched a lot more football and ate delicious food. They had ribs or something.... so my mom sent me with some enchiladas so I could actually eat. We then dicussed a lot of ways for me to each healthier.

My New Years Resolution is to start eating healthier. I have been gaining weight and all I ever eat is junk. Its ridiculous.
Once I get my snacking and eating to a better place, then I plan on starting to work in exercise.

I have such a hard time with this because after work I am usually exhausted and have no energy whatsoever to go work out. I think if I get more healthy food into my body then maybe I would have more energy........... hopefully.

Happy New Year everyone!

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Mason Family Blog :) said...

I am glad you came over-someone to suffer through all of those football games with me!!!