Stolen Ipod

Okay, so this was completely my fault to begin with.
During the winter, if I locked my doors to my car I was unable to get back into my car, since the locks would freeze. I got into the habit of unlocking just the driver side door.
So now, even though its warming up a bit, I have still been leaving it unlocked.

Basically, my ipod was still in my car after I worked out to charge up a bit for the next time I went to the Orem Fitness Center.... a must.

It wasn't like the ipod was COMPLETELY out in the open, it was well covered.
But some thieves decided to just open my car door and go through MY belongings.

They took my ipod. Complete with the headphones and money tucked in the silicone cover (just in case OFC decides that Novell isn't on the let in list any longer). Also, they took the ipod player that Rob bought me for my birthday last year.


I was so mad and frustrated. They also went through Rob's car... but nothing was in it to take.... since they took everything the last time they were around.

But this is my new ipod beauty. It should be here any day! Its smaller... for working out. Its orange. I love orange!

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Angi said...

That's the one I have only in pink.