Valentine's Dance

Today was probably the greatest day ever at work.

We wanted to plan a Valentine's Dance with Orem Jr. because we had one with them last year. Then it hit me! Why are we planning a dance with kids we don't know, when we could plan one with Orem High School and have our old students come and dance with us!

((My favorite part though by far, was seeing one particular student (who really is lazy most the time) get up and dance... like really dancing and boogie-ing by herself!))

It was so much fun to see the old kids, I loved it and it just made my day.

I hate having to have kids move on... it makes me really sad.
In fact, only like 2 1/2 months left until we lose 3 more :(

How is it almost summer already? This year went by so fast I cannot believe it..

I don't know what I will do in the summer... except cry.

Hopefully though, I get my part-time aide job in the summer school and I can possibly work with some of the students in my class... plus meet some new students. I am crossing my fingers they call me and need me. I would love to see what it is like in other teachers classrooms.

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