Valentines Weekend

My weekend started on Saturday. My family was putting in new wood floors and the door rang. I came down to the most beautiful flowers.. similar to the ones above... complete with a teddy bear and a bow tie. They were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. Daisies are my favorite. I don't even know how he remembered or figured it out. They are gorgeous.

Saturday night we made homemade pizza together. We both love the pizza and it was nice to spend time together making the food instead of spending tons of money in a crowded restaurant. After we headed down to the movies to watch The Lovely Bones. I wouldn't have ever guessed that Rob would pick this movie. He actually wanted to see it. We both liked it :)

Sunday morning I woke up early and made Rob breakfast.
Pink pancakes. Sunny side up eggs. Juice. and Toast.
It was a surprise!!!!

After that, he didn't want to fall back asleep (I assumed he would) but I was exhausted, so I took a little nap on his couch while he played his funny computer game.

Rob also made me *with scott... making cookies for jessica and emily as well* the cutest decorated cookie. I loved it! I almost didn't want to eat it, but I did.

I also got to spend some time talking with Jessica cleaning. I love girl talk with her. (While Rob and Scott played some video game, I didn't abandon him!)

It was great to spend time with him, even though we didn't do anything to extra special, it was special to me.

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