Three Days of Madness

The best news ever reached me probably the end of January. Kelli (aka Mrs. M at work) would be gone for a week in March. This slowly got changed to just three days.

Those three days started today.

Even on a normal one day only sub day... its madness. I come home and crash instantly. Today though was the beginning. I felt like I never sat down, never got a chance to breathe... I never even went to the restroom once! I wasn't even busy... we had enough and plus some peer tutors.... but I still was all over the place.

Tomorrow will be worse. It will be like today, times two.

Friday, I can't even imagine. I will definitely be celebrating the last day after work. I am going to eat as much pizza as I can fit in my tummy.

Hopefully tomorrow we have a better sub! AND hopefully I live to make it through this.

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