School is a bore

I finally sat down today and figured out all my schooling for Summer and Fall.

I was very excited to see that I have 27 credits, which is a lot more than I thought I had... I am practically halfway (like I should be).

Anyways... I also took a look at what I needed in generals and what actually counted.
After figuring that out and making many charts, I registered for Summer and Fall.

It was perfect, all I would need by Spring 2011 is 7 credits of elective.

I was so excited and couldn't believe it.

Then I looked at how much my 12 credit summer tuition would be.

I wasted all my loans besides 200 dollars. Perfect, times that by 11 and that is how much I need.

So I dropped my online English class just so it could be more affordable. Now just times it by 10ish. (The teacher was supposed to be awful anyway.)

So now, 10 credits in 2011.. not bad.

But still I am going to be stepping on needles trying to make this work and pay for school. Secretly, I would have more money for loans when I dropped a class here and there..... but I spent it. Mostly on Christmas and things. I was stupid.

Maybe somehow, some way, I can find another couple hundred bucks to spend on summer and then in fall I can get extra money to pay myself back. We'll see.

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