Birthday Surprise

On Friday after all the wedding festivities... a surprise came!

I showed up to Rob's house and after a little while of waiting, we headed out.

He told me I was NOT to peek. (Now this was a tad bit of a problem for me. I am a peeker! I ALWAYS peek. When I was in elementary school playing "Heads Up, 7 up" I would look at the shoes and peek. That's how much of a peeker I am.)

But I didn't this time.. I was so proud of myself.

Anyways, he stopped where he wasn't supposed to, put on his blinker when not needed, etc. all to just throw me off. After a 30 minute drive for what only takes about 10 we finally arrived at Brick Oven.
Then I walked inside and there was his ENTIRE family. :)


It was a lot of fun with yummmmmmy food. Josh and Rob also had the balloon guy make me a hat. They specifically asked for the most embarrassing thing, preferably something to wear.

This guy was amazing and made me an alien like this one but the arms went around my head and he sat on my shoulders.
There was not a single person who didn't stare at my hat.

Then, after the dinner party was over we headed back to Rob's family's house.
Everyone kept disappearing but I thought nothing of it.

Rob kept saying he needed to go number 2 and then would end up showing up 20 minutes later. (Quite normal actually. Gross)

Finally everyone was there and they brought out the most delicious strawberry shortcake with sprinkles, tons of whip cream, strawberries AND raspberries. Yummmmy. They sang happy birthday and let me blow out the candle.

I thought this was the end and I just enjoyed my dessert while watching random America's Got Talent videos on youtube.

20 minutes later Rob comes in, grabs my hand and walks me outside without saying a word.

If you remember, last summer we (Jessica, Josh, Rob and I... sometimes Scott and Emily) would go up to the canyon to watch a movie.. like we did for my birthday last year.

Instead they set up everything in the backyard. This included air matresses, movie theater popcorn, and blankets.

Everyone was disappearing to get it all set up. I couldn't believe how awesome it was and I loved it!

We watched The Blindside since Rob and I had wanted to watch it for a few weeks but haven't gotten around to it.

It was the most perfect surprises ever and I really didn't expect them to keep going.

Thanks MASONS :)

Sorry, for some reason it wouldn't let me upload pictures. Blogger is trying to ruin my life.

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