Summer time... and the livin's easy... right?

School has been out for a week now, but I haven't had much time to tell you about it.
I miss it but it still doesn't feel real to me what all has been happening.

The last week of school was great and I loved it. Although, the last weekend before school got out Rob's grandma had some medical problems and has since passed away.

I knew her before I knew Rob actually. My mom and her would go to the temple together and my mom loved to visit with her. Whenever she would go to visit she would drag at least one of the kids with her... So I got a good chance at getting to know her.

She was funny and would talk for hours.

Once I became friends with Rob she would always tell me "You know, I don't think he's seeing anyone. He could be your girlfriend!" I would laugh at the mix up but she knew it would happen.

Over the past couple years she has gone down hill with not remembering much. She would often tell me and Rob that she would drive us to Vegas to get married.

I have endless stories about her actually. She was a great great lady.

She passed away on Monday, May 31, 2010. Memorial Day. I felt awful but was unable to attend her funeral. It was the hardest thing to not be able to go. I wanted to so bad as Rob's family is like my own. No one usually understands how close I am with them and how often I see them. Its more than I see my own normally.

On a happier note, Josh is home from Afghanistan!!!! He came home Saturday, May 29. It was so fun being there to pick him up and seeing the family reunited. I am SO glad I was at least home to experience it. He is a great guy and I missed him.

Celebrating him coming home, we had 3 BBQ nights in a row. It was so yummy!! I love spending the nights outside, even if I smell like smoke for the next forever.
That lasted Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

I then had to leave on a trip and leave those I love behind in their time of sadness. But they survived and I came back to hugs and kisses knowing they missed me as much as I missed them. I'm glad they knew the pain for me being gone and didn't hold it against me.

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