Sydney is married!

P.S. Her photographers are AWESOME. I love them. So far I've only seen about 10 of the pictures but this one is my favorite.

Sydney and I are only a few months apart. Our huge family is really close and would constantly be getting together. I was always closest to Sydney.. of course!

When we were little we would always play around and when we would go to the mall we would hook our pinkies saying we were Siamese twins. (Haha like they wouldn’t separate us if it REALLY did happen like that.)

We loved to get ice cream at Taco Amigo and walk to the park. We were best buddies.

Once we graduated we didn’t keep in contact as much since she moved up to Utah State and I stayed down here.

Until she recently moved back and in the spring semester we took a couple classes together. We spent 3 nights a week together just chatting and having fun.

It was so weird to not see her once the semester was over.

Now she is a married woman!

On Thursday, June 17 I headed over to the church for her reception right after work. We set up from 12 until 7 when the reception started. (You should have seen my awesome, ridiculously red sunburn.)

She looked so beautiful!

On Friday, June 18 she was married in the Salt Lake City Temple to David Raynes.
I guess he’ll do. He better take excellent care of her though… OR ELSE.

But I'm pretty sure he will.

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