So its been ages since I've done anything different with my hair. Its always been long and layers.

I grew it the longest its been but with my layers and such.. it felt stringy.. gross.. and was never down.

Yesterday (friday) I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I went to get it done and actually only planned on a few inches off. I knew the girl that was doing it for me even though I was just at good old fantastic sams. and we ended up going a lot shorter than I ever planned. I struggle to get it to stay in a pony tail even.

I'm hoping the change will be good enough though I haven't adjusted yet. Hopefully it will be a million times easier to keep up.

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Staci said...

So I remembered I was going to comment on Facebook when you said something about not having the chance to keep up with friends or something. I don't remember exactly what you'd said, I read it pretty early in the morning. Anyway, how are you doing? Your haircut is way cute, by the way! How's school going this semester?