Happy Halloween!

This year was so fun at work, I really am so glad that I work somewhere that gives me an excuse to still dress up... even if I can never think of something until the day before.

I spent all morning and afternoon looking for a new computer. My old laptop decided to crap out and wasn't charging... and once I found out I could trade it in (under the condition it turned on) for a discount, of course it decided to die completely. It would take all the power and short out the power supply cord when you plugged it in. Weirdest thing of my life.

But anyways, I have a new computer!! Big bonus (one of my favorite things about it, besides it works and is fast) is that it has a built in memory card reader! Yes! that will make posting pictures and actually blogging a million times easier.

I promise, sometime to come will be my blogs about Disneyland 2010 and the BYU game.
Also, possibly a look at what we did at school for Halloween (minus the pictures of the students). But you can have a picture of me and Miss Sydney!

Back to Halloween.... after looking and buying a new computer, I was able to come to Rob's house and we had a yummy dinner. The Rob got all dressed up in his Jack Sparrow costume, including make up:), and I got dressed as Hermione Granger. We went Trick or Treating with Caden and Kyler for a little while, then headed back to the Mason's to have hot chocolate and watch some pretty awesome movies on TV. Now we're snuggling up and getting warm in blankets.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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