Life as we know it...

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! I hope you're wearing green or I'll pinch you.
Just kidding... maybe.

Well its finally spring break from UVU and I've enjoyed a few days off of class. I definitely needed it since I've been so unmotivated to go lately.
I shouldn't drag my feet so much about it and throw such fits... but I do.

I dread going to class, but once I'm there its perfectly fine. I probably just need to grow up.
--I mostly hate going to kickboxing. But I love actually doing it and how much of a workout it is. Definitely the opposite of what I thought it would be since we have gloves, shin guards, and even a mouth guard. Not what I was expecting.--

Rob & I are both doing well. We're just both working like crazy.

Rob's mom's (Janet's) mom passed away last week. I felt really bad for her since she never gets to see her since her mom lived in California. She flew out early the next morning and spent a few days out there. Rob and his brother Scott tried to work out a way for us to drive out there with his dad (Stan), but it just didn't work out. The poor woman had to deal with her mom's death and not have her husband or children around.
I hear she was a great woman and I wish I would have been able to meet her.

[I've really only met relatives on Stan's side of the family. An occasional cousin or two from Janet's, but not much.]

Work has turned out well. I've become much more confident that I can do it.. eventually. In fact, sometimes I get excited to play teacher now. :)

On another note, my mom has found a job! She is working at ATEC with special needs adults (18+) and will eventually be at UVU in the library supervising the group that goes down there. She came home today and said she was exhausted... now she can finally know how I feel. Even though its so fun and rewarding, it definitely takes a ton out of you by the end of the day.

It will be fun for her though to get out of the house more and plus, more income isn't bad at all!

I hate to say anything about marriage anymore. Everyone is always asking when Rob and I will get married. I would love to... very soon. But him, who knows when. He has really brought it up a lot more... in fact he told me the other day, after getting down on one (butt) cheek, that he had an invisible ring for me that he spent his whole life savings on. It was a funny joke but I had to ask when it will really happen.

The topic was avoided, mostly... I don't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Maybe he just wants it to be a surprise or maybe he just doesn't want to yet.

I guess I shouldn't be too anxious since Kacee & Mattie will be getting married really soon.

And the funding is almost non-existent for me and Rob.


Kel said...

Dear "Miss Brylie",
So why haven't I seen this blog before? JK I love reading your thoughts. I read down where you were debating/questioning whether or not you would be a good teacher... Let me tell you friend (because I KNOW) you will be the most amazing teacher. We all have doubts! We all get stressed and do not know what to do sometimes. You have been amazing in class. I can't wait for you to teach. You will be FAR better than me! Love ya girl.....

"Mrs. M"... Kel

Kel said...

Dear "Miss Brylie",
Why haven't I seen this blog until now? Jk I loved reading through your thoughts. It makes me smile. I was reading down a few blogs, and saw the post you made about not being sure of wanting to be a teacher. Let me tell you from first hand experience in my own classroom and watching you... YOU ARE AWESOME! I don't know another person who will do as well as you will. Don't worry about the stress or not feeling up to it. WE ALL FEEL THAT. You are amazing, and you know your stuff. I can't wait to see you in your own classroom. You will be FAR better than me! Love ya girl!

"Mrs. M"... Kel

Staci said...

It's good to hear that you're doing well with school and work right now, also that your mom found a job! So sad about Janet and losing her mom, that would be a really difficult thing to go through, especially without your family.

As for the marriage thing, I'm sorry you have to hear that from everyone, makes things way worse for you. Brad kinda had that stress with me, I always felt like we were too young and needed to prepare more for it. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but it really will happen when it's supposed to happen. And being financially stable is SO important!! I work in financial aid so I hear all about finances all day. I can't tell you how many times this brings up some serious hardships for marriages. I'm not saying you have to be completely stable, but it does help to have finances under control and practice good spending habits. Gosh, just realized I sound like some sort of parent. I'll stop.

Keep up the awesome work and remember to continue to include some details in your blog. It's always nice to see how you're doing.