Weekend of Homework

This weekend I was to attend a play for my Humanities through the Arts class and I was totally fine with it. Until I got an announcement on our class webpage that when the teacher went to attend the play, that majority of the play would be in French. No big deal... except I know next to nothing when it comes to French. Too bad the teacher still had it required for our class... I was completely dreading it.

Friday came... and after work and quick stop to Tiny Tots, Rob and I were off.

First we stopped at Wingers. I have only been there once and I only ate the popcorn so it was fun to actually eat real food there. Our waitress happened to be one of Rob's old friends and they were able to catch up. She was one of Kacee's friends and she was really a sweetheart. (We plan to miniature golf in the future with her and her husband as well as another friend as his wife.)

The food was super yummy. Besides the french fries. They were BBQ flavored. Eww. Rob and I both hate BBQ flavor.

But after we ate our faces off we slowly made our way to the play. I was dreading it actually.

The first act was alright... slow at times, but kinda funny. But when the second act came... it was HILARIOUS. We were laughing our faces off. We didn't understand much of what they said (there were a few lines here and there in English) but we both a
ctually really enjoyed it.

I recommend going to see Tea With Mint or Lemon? at UVU in the Noorda Blackbox Theater.

We then came home and got all cozy in PJs to relax and watch TV.

Then Saturday came... I was able to get tons and tons of homework done... and then we had to head to the mall to the Woodbury Museum by UVU. Again, for my humanities class. It was actually really smelly. We decided it was vinegar mixed with stinky shoe. And they were in the process of switching the paintings and artwork out with new art. There was like 15 pieces total out.

I was not impressed.

But then it was nice to relax and I fell asleep on Rob's lap while we watched movies.

It was very productive and very relaxed actually.

Now, enjoy a picture of my cute man.

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