Books :)

I recently ventured out to Barnes and Noble in hopes to find some good books. I haven't read anything since Mockingjay from The Hunger Games. With school I feel guilty sitting down and reading a book for hours, when I should be doing homework or studying. Since the semester is almost done, I decided to spend some time on some books.

The first book I was after was Night. I'm actually required to read this for one of my classes. Its about a man and his experience through a concentration camp. I started this one first since I have to read it for the class. So far it has gone right over my head. I definitely don't know how to say a lot of the Jewish names that he has said so far.
When I pulled up to the store, I texted Sydney to see if there were any books that she would recommend.
She told me to get The Book Thief.
(side note.. I looked around for a book called Thief.. oh geez.)
She says I'll be hooked within the first 10 pages.
This book is also set in the time of Nazis.
How did she know that my other book would be the same time period?
Pure Genius.
The last book I purchased was The Gargoyle.
I secretly stalk an old friend's older sister's blog and she recommended this book.
I decided that I should just go for it.

I'm excited to get cracking and read these books.
Anyone else have any other suggestions? Please share

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