wis[dumb] teeth

This week/weekend turned out to be a blast. (Um.. not) I've been running around like crazy trying to get things set up for my summer job as well as get things sorted out since I'm losing my insurance.

(My dad was laid off a few weeks ago ): no job equals no insurance unfortunately.)

This means I got to run around to various doctor/dentist appointments and have been pretty much booked all week.

I was able to go in quickly and get my wisdom teeth out this weekend as a result of the no insurance thing.

My dad volunteered to take me in since I was being put to sleep. I really loved my doctor and he was amazing when dealing with my anxiety of the IV. He allowed me to get really high off of the gas before he started to poke me me. Before I knew it I was being walked over to my recovery room with a nurse and my dad practically dragging me across the hall.

I was one talkative person and kept wanting my dad to record videos of me to send to Rob. (Too bad my stupid phone wouldn't send the video...)

I went home and tried to take my medicine as quickly as the doctor said but I chocked on just water so had to postpone the pills. After a nap I started to feel uncomfortable and my dad came down to set me up with all my medicine (I had four, yes four, prescriptions walking out of there.) He also ran to Taco Amigo to get me a strawberry shake with french fries. The shake was great, but being numb it was impossible to chew the fries. I wanted them soooo bad though.

It helped a little to have food in my stomach and medicine down so I was able to nap again until Rob picked me up to take over the nurse job. He got me a couple shakes, made me macaroni and cheese and took such good care of me.

The pain slowly started to get worse so I resorted to taking Lortab instead of just the heavy duty Ibuprofen. (It had nothing to do with my nurses, they were great.) It had absolutely no effect on me. So I just kept my frozen corn covering my cheeks and tried to get over it.

Now its 11:30 at night and I have tears of pain my eyes. The stupid antibiotic rinse KILLED even more than I thought. It quadrupled my pain and it will not go away.

I sure hope I can track someone down tomorrow to get something else because I will not not not stay in this much pain the whole time.

This has been a horrible first experience at any surgery type thing.
I will probably now go to cry myself to sleep.

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Brett said...

That does not sound like it has been a fun experience at all. It is crazy how different people react to getting wisdom teeth out. I didn't have to much pain when I got mine out, but I had my tonsils out last month and that was the worse pain of my life! only had popsicles, apples sauce, and ice cream for 2 weeks. Surgery is never fun.