I started a quilt!- Day one

My latest goal is to complete a quilt. I've always wanted to make one.. but never wanted to deal with my mom's old machine that needs to be retired.

Work ended up having to switch clients on me... so I got a free day off! I was so excited since I haven't had a day off (except Sundays, which don't count) since I got out of school/work.

I woke up this morning not knowing what to do and decided to start my project.

I took my mom with me and off to Wal-Mart we went.

Wal-Mart actually had this fabric collection and a pattern paper in front of it to make some other ridiculous quilt. I didn't go for that quilt, but loved the blue/teal and brown so I just had to go with it.. but a much simpler pattern since this is my first quilt and I plan on it being big.

Here are all the strips sew together, waiting to be ironed
3 rows down, only 18 more to go!

The dark brown and teal squares are my absolute favorite. That fabric will be the back of the quilt.. If I ever get there!

Woo! My back hurts from being hunched over the machine all day. I'm super excited to finish this quilt and snuggle up in it. Rob is just going to have to deal with the fact that its pretty feminine. My next one will have to be a little less so.

(P.S. I need your help finding cheap fabric... This was only $2.49 a yard but I spent $70 alone on fabric today.. Is this normal or can I find even cheaper ones? Maybe I just am making way too big of a quilt?)

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The Mowers said...

No freaking way!!! That's awesome!!! No, it's not expensive. It's a public charter school so the State of Utah prohibits them to charge fees for elementary school kids. :) If they were a private school, that would be another story.. LOL The only thing that may get a little pricey are the uniforms. And I know the bus costs $20 a month too, and the extra after school classes cost money, as well as school breakfasts, lunches and dinner. But that's about it as far as I know.. We're going to the open house this month to take a tour and do the orientation stuff, so we'll find out more then. :)