So.. I apologize. I'm awful at blogging.

I've finished two quilts.. and my last post was about starting the first one. I even have plans for a new one! I want to do a larger version of this one on OCD-Obsessive Crafting Disorder. Isn't it gorgeous??

In fact, when I'm off work I just might go purchase the fabric for it. Yes!!!!!

I also need to update you on a few things, like a camping trip with me, Rob, Sydney, and David. I have lots of pictures from that... it was so fun.

ALSO, school starts on August 23rd! That's only a few weeks away!

I would add a countdown.. But I don't feel like finding one right now. But I am going to make a paper chain today with the girl I work with.

I got to go spend the day Thursday at the school making some new posters and just hanging out with Kelli while she was doing interviews and planning for the year. It was super fun.

Anyways... now its time to go plan for this quilt!! I'll catch you all up soon on life.

OH lastly, Rob moved into a new apartment, its super cute and I love it. Pictures of that to come too.

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