I love to be organized.
I just love it.

I also love to be organized in a cute way.

So while browsing Pinterest (best website ever!), I came across a few printable planners.

The problem was, they weren't quite as cute as I would want, or wouldn't have enough space.

So I spend the last few hours or so creating my own planner printable. And now I am going to print them out and have a cute little planner! YES!

Anyways, I thought I would share with you all.

More room to write because its spread over two pages.

Less room, since its all on one page. Could print it out so I only had the weekly schedule and use less paper.

Basically, they're the same one, just spread out more.

But I love them and can't wait to print them out and put them to good use!

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Sara T. said...

I didn't ever know you had a blog! And I didn't know you were so creative! Cool stuff Brylie! :)