Dear Robert

It was your birthday this week.

You're an old man.

But I still love you.
[I think..]

Anyways, I wanted the whole world to know how much I love you.

And I would yell it off the roof, but someone might call the police...

So I'll share it will the whole internet world. Close enough, right? [right.]

I love your sense of humor. You can always make me laugh.
[Number one joke for when I'm sad (or crying, or both): What is black, white, and red.. and goes on the ceiling?..... WHAT?! ............. nothing.] it gets me every time.

Your confidence. You could rule the world and probably not even second guess yourself.

Your ability to still make me feel twitter-pated.

Your smile.. its the best one in the whole world.

I love how caring you are. You will put up a tough front, but are always there for people when they needed and are really a softy at heart.

I love how you warm up my toes when we watch a movie. Your bum is just the perfect place for them!

I love spending every minute with you. I could never see anyone else ever and be okay with it. But let's not go to that extreme quite yet.

My favorite is dreaming of you and then waking up on the couch and there you are, even better than you were in my dreams.

Your sense of family is something I've always been envious of. I wasn't super close with my sisters growing up, since we were always fighting. Its been a whole new world with your family.

I love that you include me in your family and make sure they treat me as your family.

You will always fight for me, even if I'm wrong.

The list goes on and on but I'm quite tired.

I'll have to keep adding to it tomorrow.

Sweet dreams babe.

Happy late birthday!!

Love, Bryl

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