I'm a little behind here guys...  I can't help it. Someone yell at me!

Thanksgiving came at the perfect time for it.. it was a much needed break from work.

I started out first by going over to my Grandma and Grandpa Harris' in Saratoga Springs. I ate Lunch/Dinner with all the cousins...
[fun fact: my mom has 9 siblings, that makes 10 kids including her. 8 live in Utah. Everyone has at least 4 kids... that is a lot of cousins.]

But this year only 3 families showed up. It was a super small affair.

After eating yummy potatoes and rolls I had to head over to Rob's house to do Thanksgiving with his family.

Thanksgiving for me is a little pathetic. I don't like turkey, I don't like sweet potatoes, and it depends on my mood for stuffing.

I was already pretty full so I only ate a little bit at his house. I had to restrain myself too because Thanksgiving is in November .. which was no sugar month for me.

I couldn't have any pie.

Not that I'm a huge pie fan... but I didn't even have the option for it.
It was so sad.

After everyone was done eating, Rob and I were big party poopers and decided to watch Lie To Me in his room. Very anti-social of us, I know.

It probably is the reason we started not liking Lie To Me... it definitely changed from what it was.
[Anyone watch it? We were on the last season on Netflix... does it get back to good? Should we just keep watching?]

But anyways, Its completely my fault for not remembering anything else about Thanksgiving since I decided to wait until a month later to write about it.
So Sorry.

Never Again.

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