New Camera Purse bag.

I want a new purse. I've been on the hunt.

But then I found Jo Totes.

I want one so bad.

First I was set that I wanted the Millie Bag... but then I don't know if I want a bigger one so the Rose Bag. 

I totally want it in yellow.

Plus this would fit my camera so I could have it at all times instead of just sometimes.

Please oh please can I have this?

I've googled for giveaways that different blogs are doing for it. All will be done by Valentine's day. My chances are slim to none to actually get it...

If I don't win though, I'm pretty sure I'll cough up the 90 dollars to get them.

But if you feel like you want to purchase this bag for me.

Please do!

I want it now!

Too bad its not my birthday yet.

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