Joining Blogs

A while back I started a blog to help motivate me to lose weight.
Then I was too embarrassed to actually share it with anyone.
So no one knew it existed.

Anyways, now that I'm a little more comfortable with where I am with my weight, I think I am going to just combine the two ideas and merge them onto here.

Here is the most recent post about my weight loss fun-ness:

So my goal came and went. I officially made it to 135 pounds and I can fit into a size four pant (at Old Navy). That was my goal!
I actually didn't fit into the size 4 until this week (ish) and it felt amazing to finally do so.

My only problem is once I hit 135 I kind of gave up on eating healthy. I still didn't eat AS much as before, but it still wasn't the best. I've gone up and down between 135-137. Which in all reality, is amazing!

Especially if you look at where I started. I never planned to actually say it anywhere... but I was at 160 pounds. [ew. I hate that everyone can see that.]

How did I even do that?

But I feel like I would like to lose just five more.

And lately, I've felt the urge to just go running or just go work out.
So tonight after my late class (9:45!!!) I wanted to go running.

Rob wouldn't go with and honestly, I was a little scared to go out running in the dark alone.
Plus I don't run. I did the elliptical... not for a while though.

[How did I fall out of the routine so quickly?!!?!]

Anyways... I ended up pulling up Just Dance videos on YouTube and following them.
I didn't want to play the actual game because Rob was in the room with the Xbox... and he isn't allowed to watch.

But I feel great after doing a few workouts and I'm ready to fight the last five pounds.

This summer will be a great opportunity because I have to pack a lunch everyday for my summer job and I will be pushing a wheelchair and carrying the kid around.

It will be good.

I can do it.

p.s. Why do I always have the urge to work out and get skinny late at night when its not possible to start... then the next day I'm too tired to really care to do anything?!
Geez Brylie. Get over it and want to do it all in the morning!

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