Can you believe it's summer already?

I honestly don't even know what to do with myself... time is moving so fast that I feel like maybe I should be ten years older!

I've had a few days off here and there and then been working with the summer program.

I do love working outside and just being able to take it easy.

The girls I work with were all talking and we decided we really have the easiest job.

I mean, each kid is really pretty easy to work with. They just each have one thing that is difficult that we have to overcome.

I've been working with the cute girl that I work with year around and love her to pieces. She is just hard to move/lift. She seriously makes me so happy and I don't know what I would do/will do when I can't work with her anymore.

But now I get to switch between this young boy and I'm a little nervous for something new.

I have to admit though, I work with some amazing girls who make it all worth it.

Next week I will start doing ESY and the summer program.
I'm so excited to keep working with Maggie Gardner. She is an amazing teacher.
I also get to work with my best cousin, Sydney.

I'm super super super stoked.

Not only will I get to work with both of them but I also get to see a few students for the last time. It breaks my heart to be saying goodbye to the schools. With all the changes that are coming though it just wouldn't be the same.

Rob has been on the hunt for a new job. He doesn't love his current one but doesn't know if the new job could be as flexible as his current one for his schedule with school.

Other news: I only have a few weeks left of my Child Development class and then just less than a month left of my Anthropology class on the weekends.

It will be nice to just work in the summer and not have to worry about class and homework.

Also: about a month ago I purchased a new car.

My old car that I got from my grandma was getting about 17 miles to the gallon.

That's REALLY bad.
I wasn't for sure that I was going to get a new car right away, but I had my eye on KSL to see what I could get.

My dad offered to take me up to some dealerships to see what kind of deals we could get. I ended up getting a super good discount on a car and so I left that day with a brand new car!

I was even the first person to test drive the car.

Its super cute and the only thing its missing is tinted windows, but since my birthday is coming up in a few weeks my dad was going to get it done for me.

He is such a great guy.

Rob and I haven't really been up to much else. I keep wanting to get out and go hiking but its either been bad weather for it (too col and gross or way way way hot) or I have been way to exhausted after work.

Hopefully I can get out and do some more exercising so I can stay on track with losing those last five pounds.

I haven't been motivated much and need to just stick to My Fitness Pal.

I did so great before but I haven't even installed it on my new phone because I don't want to feel guilty.
I guess its time to man up.

I will have to install it right now and do it starting: tomorrow.

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