Life has been crazy.

This week was going to be my week off of nothing to just relax...but that didn't happen.
Instead,  I have had at least one thing (if not several) things going on every day.

Rob ended up quitting his job. He hated it so bad. So it was going to be fun to spend a week doing nothing and just having fun.

Not the case.

I have had training and work and so much going on that I am not sure I can handle going back to class next week.

UVU fall starts on Monday... and I was a fool and decided 17 credits wasn't too much.
I've done 15, but usually with 1-2 online classes. I have to attend every single one and add on working. Right now I am about at about 20 hours... maybe a little more.
I'm worried it won't be enough to keep me going. But it is going to have to be.

I can't wait until the day I have graduated and can start just working and not have to worry about school.

Until family worries come in.

I miss being sixteen!

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