Sick Christmas

I brought the sickness home of a deathly cough and sore throat that slowly transformed into something even worse. This meant that I spent Christmas sick and I even got Rob sick.

Rob wasn't able to make it to my family's on Christmas Eve and even I was feeling quite terrible. It was Christmas though!
We exchanged gifts and I was super excited to give Kacee and Mattie a blanket that Rob and I had made together. We also got to open our Christmas PJs and hang out for a little while. I didn't stay around everyone too long so I could get plenty of rest for the following day.

On Christmas my family opened presents at 7:00 and just enjoyed one another until about 8:30 when Kacee and Mattie started to pack up to go home. I packed up Rob's presents and went over to his house. He was still asleep even though his family said to plan on 9:00.

I fell asleep as well and finally woke up around 11:00 and went upstairs. We had to kinda keep our distance from people so we didn't get them sick. Especially Scott and Emily's baby Alexis.

After presents and everything I took another nap and was just exhausted and not feeling well. I hardly had a voice and it hurt whenever I tried to use it.

Rob's mom was great and made a fantastic meal for Christmas that didn't go as formal as usual.
Later in the night Scott played some games with Janet, Stan, Josh, Rob and I until they had to leave. It was fun to just sit and enjoy each other.
Slowly Jessica's family was getting the illness so they started to go to be early and get rest.

It definitely wasn't a normal Christmas. It felt strange and almost like it wasn't Christmas at all. It was also strange not being in the Christmas spirit much until we got back Christmas Eve afternoon from our trip.

It was a lot of fun, but it would have been better if everyone weren't so sick. Hopefully we're all better by New Years!

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