New Job

I have been so back and forth as of lately for what to do for my job situation.

I was getting tired of not having coworkers and adults to talk to and see on a regular basis. In the school I not only had the wonderful ladies that I worked with, I also had everyone else at the school. If I walked into the office I had wonderful ladies to greet me and ask me how everything is going. There were so many wonderful people at Canyon View.

Rise has been great and I love my clients to death, but I can't quite afford working for them, almost paying to work for them. I also don't have contact with anyone else. I was able to work my schedule for school around and switch things up. I started getting on the hunt for a job in a school.

My good friend Kelli told me she would have an opening, but not for sure until February 1st. In school terms that means no paycheck until the last day of March. I would love working for her and with all the students that left Canyon View and moved on to Orem High. I would have known the routine and all the students. There would have been only a handful of students that I didn't know.

I miss some particular students so much that I have dreams about them. I wish that I could keep all of them.

But I didn't know how I would make the money work. Rob has been out of a job since August and has been looking but nothing has worked out quite yet.

I started applying for a few different jobs and went to a couple of interviews. I was even excited for a junior high in Orem where one of my "clients" from Rise goes. I was devastated to  leave her and cried so much over it. I ended up not getting the job.
(Ask Rob about that one. He doesn't know why they wouldn't want someone who worked in a junior high for four years... but we'll get over it)

Then I heard from my aunt Kinna and cousin Sydney about a job at the preschool for special needs students (and tuition students) in Lehi. I debated since I haven't worked with kids that young and its so far away and different hours than normal.
It wasn't until I talked to Sydney more and she kind of talked me into it. For wanting to get into early intervention, I don't have any experience with littles with special needs. I needed something more that would make me stand out.

So I interviewed and that day Kelli texted me telling me I could have a job at her school the following week. I was so torn of what to do. I was debating even after Sego Lily called me back and said I could have the job. I just felt funny and didn't know what to do. I would love love love love love to work at the high school. I even visited and it just felt amazing to be back with the students and in the school.

Again, Sydney came to the rescue and we decided I should go in for an observation day.. just to try things out.

I went in and instantly felt like I could do it. Its definitely not what I'm used to. Some of the students are higher than students I worked with in the junior high. It was a whole new setting but I got to play all day long. The kids didn't care who I was as long as I played  with them and it made me super excited.

I feel so much better about going to work there, plus I'll get to see my aunt a whole lot more often! I'll be starting Monday and hopefully everything goes as smoothly as it did today. There was definitely screaming/fighting/name calling... but not more than I'm used to.
I'm excited to start the next chapter in my life!

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Angi Harris said...

I just heard about this last night! I guess I should check you blog more often...congratulations!